International Pattaya Golf Club (I.P.G.C.)
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Venues:   The PGS
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IPGC Pattaya Golf Club
The International Pattaya Golf Club (IPGC) in Thailand, was formed in the year 2000. The aim of the IPGC is to co-ordinate golf competitions in and around Pattaya on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard, bringing together like minded golfers regardless of handicap, race or gender.

The IPGC is a non profit organisation that offers weekly scheduled competitions and major tournaments periodically throughout the year. Competitions are organised by the three member venues six days a week. IPGC negotiates with local clubs, on behalf of its member societies, to achieve the best discount rates for competition green fees and offers advice when necessary.

Whether you are an ex-pat or tourist wanting to play golf here in Thailand , the IPGC will ensure that you have an enjoyable game of golf for the best value available.

All I.P.G.C. competitions are played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as jointly administered by the Royal and Ancient Golf Society (R&A) and by the United States Golf Association (U.S.G.A.), and supplemented by the Local Rules of the course on the day and by those Local Rules of the I.P.G.C. itself. I.P.G.C. players compete using their CONGU handicaps administered by the I.P.G.C whenever available with exceptions being made for those players with well-seasoned and properly maintained outside handicaps. These exceptions shall be determined by the golf organizer of the day's competition.

The I.P.G.C. competitions are run with the full intention that the golf is friendly and that the comradeship on the course shall be carried to the member venues afterwards.

Member Venues

The PGS (Pattaya Golf Society)
The Pattaya Golf Society (PGS) can be contacted at: The Links Hotel, Soi Buakhao, or by calling Len on 0819491468. They play Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Accomodation available.
TAGGS at The Haven
The Alternative Gentlemen's Golf Society (TAGGS) can be contacted at: The Haven Hotel or by visiting the Haven Hotel and Restaurant on Soi Lengkee.
Tel: 094 465 5002 . They play Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Website
Accomodation available.

Jomtien Golf
The Jomtien Golf Society can be contacted here or by visiting Frasers Sports Bar, Chateau Dale Complex, Thappraya Rd, Jomtein , or by calling Glyn on 0868375464. They play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Without a base at present. It arranges golf every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Green Valley. Contact Steve Mascari at Tel: 08 7801 0705
Pratumnak Friendly Golf Society (P.F.G.S.)
We are a social society that play golf on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s each week at various value for money courses. We normally meet up at The Irish Wolfhound on Soi 4 at 09:00 for those who want breakfast and depart between 09:30 to 10:00 and return for presentations.

Website: Login: PFGS2015 Password: PFGS2015
We are based out of the Victoria Hotel on Soi 4 Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya
Accommodation available:

The Links
The golf group departs The Links Hotel at 09.30 every Tuesday and Thursday for golf. You can sign up before hand or arrive the day of golf.

Contact Russell: 08 4782 4582
Accommodation Available

Tara Court
Departs from O'Garas / Tara Court at 9.30 every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday for golf.

Contact Joe McArdle: 089 249 1364
Accommodaton Available

Members....check your handicaps online

All members in current membership are now able to access their handicap record online by going to


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This Week at a Glance
Monday 29th August 2016
PGS - Phoenix (M)
The Haven - Greenwood (St)
Jomtien Golf - Pattavia (St)
Tuesday 30th August 2016
PFGS - Khao Kheow (St)
Tara Court Golf - Mt Shadow (St)
Donovan's - Green Valley (St)
Wednesday 31st August 2016
PGS - Greenwood (St)
The Haven - Khao Kheow (St)
Jomtien Golf - Bangpakong (St)
Thursday 1st September 2016
PFGS - Green Valley (St)
Tara Court Golf - Burapha (St)
Donovan's - Green Valley (St)
Friday 2nd September 2016
PGS - Emerald (St)
The Haven - Phoenix (St)
Jomtien Golf - Eastern Star (St)
Saturday 3rd September 2016
Donovan's - Green Valley (St)
Sunday 4th September 2016
Tara Court Golf - Green Valley (St)
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